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CS writes to CGMT

CS Shri P N Gautam writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle Shri N K Yadav regarding disposing of appeal cases against random and unlawful salary deduction of members of AIGETOA MP. Click Here for Letter


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It is understood that some vested interest in BSNL top Management are once against trying to put forward the external recruitment of fresh candidates as MT. BSNL has already recruited professionally qualified candidates at executives level in the name of JTO/JAO, they must be groomed and deserve promotion to top management post. There is no justification for any other external recruitment of fresh candidates. Some vested interest in BSNL have hide this fact that BSNL has already recruited professionally qualified candidates at executives level just to justify the deputation of ITS officers and now MT recruitment is nothing but just the consequential effect of the same.


Just imagine the situation when one similar qualified young candidate having "zero experience" will be recruited as MT and posted over us having more than 12 years of service experience. This will not only create ludicrous situation for us but also disaster for the company. This association has single stand that, there is no justification for recruitment of fresh candidates at two executive levels.


This is to admonish such vested interest that this association has so far endowed a lot in this fight and committed till the last drop of hemic. All the branch representatives and members are appealed to start massive campaigning among the executives and get them ready for gathering at BSNL CO in short notice. Remember this association has already conveyed to DOT and Hon'ble Minister about such vested interest in BSNL and now it require to bundle our voice which is only possible through mass protest/unrest.

Minutes of Meeting

Circle Management and Leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, MP Circle had a meeting with CGMT MP Telecom Circle on 17th Nov 14 03 pm. Circle Office issues minutes of meeting of the said meeting. Click Here for Letter Page1 , Page2 .

Trade Union Program Called off

Leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, MP Circle had a meeting with CGMT MP Telecom Circle on 17th Nov 14 03 pm. All the points given in the notice was apprised and on the assurance given by CGMT , Proposed action plan of Trade Union Action has been withdrawn. Details of meeting will be uploaded soon.

Trade Union Program

All the leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, MP Telecom Circle writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle with Trade Union Program  regarding the grievances voiced by all unions and associations.Click Here for Letter.

LDCE for JTO to SDE(T)

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Corporate Office issues notification of LDCE for JTO to SDE (T)  for 3296 vacancies. Minimum 3 years of service is required for the eligibility, which means all Direct Recruits Executives will be eligible for the said exam. For Notification Click Here.

17-point letter to CGMT

All important leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, MP Circle, met twice in the last week under the Convenorship of Com HS Thakur, CS BSNLEU MP and Presidentship of Com RP Shahu, GS AIGETOA. Following 17-point letter has been submitted to CGMT MP Circle, signed by CSs of BSNLEU, NFTE, SEWA-BSNL, AIBSNLEA, SNEA (I), AIGETOA and AIBSNLOA. Click Here for the letter.


With extreme grief, we inform you the sad demise of father of Shri Manish Talera, SDE Ratlam. AIGETOA MP expresses deep and heartfelt condolences to the sorrowing family. May the Lord Almighty take the departed soul to His Heavenly Abode and give the entire family strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss. The funeral will take place on 02/11/14 at Ratlam.

CS writes to CGMT

CS MP Telecom Circle Shri P N Gautam writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle regarding instruction issued by Circle Office in respect of refund of salary deducted without following the prevailing rules/guidelines. Click Here for Letter.

Kind Attention : All Members

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The negative attitude and hitlerian act of CGM (MP) and GM (Admin) MP is now acme of the pyramid. There are doing all such things with targeted move to demoralize the employees working in this circle so that they can prove there supremacy as they don’t have any concern with the performance of the circle. There are various genuine issues of employees but instead of resolving them on merit they are simply using gimcrackery tactic like sticking faux FIR, Serving Show Cause Notices, Memorandums, Charge Sheets, Vindictive transfers and issuing suspension orders to representatives of associations who dafe to raise the voice against their wrong deeds. CGM MP has gone up to the extent of abusing the leadership of associations.


This association has tried its level best for amicable resolution of the issues and taken up the matters up to highest authority of the company. Despite involvement of CMD BSNL and clear direction to act on merit and as per the provision/guidelines of company, CGM is completely ignorant and keep on doing his hitlerism. On request of CMD and GM (SR), General Secretary of AIBSNLEA was also involved in resolving the issues amicably but all in vain.


Recently, MP circle office has issued letter for salary refund by putting several terms and conditions like unconditional regret, undertaking for non-participation in future agitation, performance, vigilance status etc which is not at all acceptable to this association. This association has not demanded refund of salary but only raised the voice against random deduction of salary without following the provision/guidelines of the company and demanded justice.


Now this association has left with no options but to fight purely on merit. All members of MP Telecom Circle are requested to be prepare for the same and as a first step all members must file following appeal to CGM MP directly on following address within one week of time.


The Chief General Manager

MP Telecom Circle,

BSNL Bhawan, Hoshangabad Road,

Bhopal, MP - 462015

Format of Appeal to CGM MP. Click here for format


Attachment Annex-5 of Chhattisgarh High Court Order. Click here for attachment

EPF Committee

Circle Office reconstitutes the committee on EPF. Click Here for letter.

Salary Refund Issue

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MP Telecom Circle administration has issued instruction to all SSA heads to refund salary of  those executives who participated in the agitation on the call of AIGETOA CHQ putting so many conditions like unconditional regret for unauthorised absence,overall performance, conduct, vigilance profile and undertaking of indiscipline. It is well known that MP Telecom circle had not followed the the procedure for "principal of no work no pay" and had sought the guidelines from corporate office. It is also well known that the same corporate office did not deduct salary of executives who participated in agitation meant for their legitimate dues instead it has motivated the executives by issuing the letter and fully recognised the issues of executives through record of discussion. Unfortunately MP circle administration went beyond that and it has not only deducted salary randomly without following the procedures but is also trying to justify their acts.

In light of current letter the members are instructed not to give any such undertaking for refunding the salary. Now association will follow the case exploring all the probable options it has. Click Here for letter issued by MP Circle.

SGO Implementation

MP Telecom Circle administration has issued the list of SGO and the procedure to be followed for SSA to sort out the grievances of individual. This is one of the issues raised before MP Circle management. Now we can hope that remaining of the issues will be solved by administration looking its gravity at the earliest. The members are requested to utilize the provisions of SGO to sort out their grievances. For Letter Click Here.


In reception to the letter given by GS Shri R P Shahu to CMD BSNL regarding increase in wage ceiling under EPS, 1995 from Rs 6500/- to Rs 15000/- w.e.f 1st Sept 2014, BSNL Corporate office issued the EPF & Gazette Notification. Click here EPF Notification and Gazette Notification

Letter to CGM MP

CS MP Telecom Circle Shri P N Gautam writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle Shri N K Yadav regarding long pending and very genuine issues pertaining to direct recruit executives of MP Telecom Circle. For Letter Click Here.

Regional Conference : Indore

On BSNL Day, our GS Shri R P Shahu and CS Shri P N Gautam attended Indore Regional Conference. ACS Shri Nitin Soni, VP Shri Nitin Paul Topno were also present during the meeting. Members of all nearby SSA took part in the meeting.CS in his address emphasized on the unity amongst executives to solve our legitimate dues and called upon the DR Executives to support unconditionally the movement of AIGETOA towards resolution of our issues. GS Shri R P Shahu elaborated detailed explanation asked by members on various doubts and ongoing activities in CHQ. The function was well anchored by Shri Nidhesh Nagar DS Indore.

BSNL DAY Celebration

On the occasion of BSNL Day, MP Circle Management had invited all the unions and associations. All unions and association were present in the meeting and addressed about revival of BSNL. CP Shri Pavan Akhand and CWC Shri S K Pathak attended the meeting on behalf of AIGETOA MP. Shri S K athak in his address emphasised on employee satisfaction. HE pointed out that if employee is satisfied , he can give best to company. Shri Pathak also elaborated on family model management. He explained that as we care for every member and their activities in a family , in the same manner we should care our subordinates and co employees and should be ready to help them in any difficult condition. Further he also emphasized on strengthening and making more responsible front line employees sitting in CSC.


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"BSNL Day, which we celebrate on 1st October, is devoted to BSNL and the people of India.

This message embodies BSNL's founding values: since BSNL began in the minds of women and men, it in the minds of women and men that the communication must be constructed. Communication is the foundation of any lasting peace. It is the driving force behind freedom and tolerance. It stems the tide of ignorance and mutual misunderstanding, the means by which disagreements all too often degenerate into violence. Communication fosters the culture of dialogue that is necessary to resolve conflicts. 
That is why BSNLs campaigns for quality communication for all going further than the basics of reading and writing. Communication must encompass living together and respect for others. 

As we mobilize the celebration of BSNL Day, we must ensure the quality and continuity of communication, even in the event of tight competition. This is the purpose of AIGETOA's work to protect BSNL, and to bring quality communication to all persons. It is also, for BSNL, the way to lay the foundations of future generation communication.

With this hope in mind, I call upon all Member of AIGETOA, BSNL employees, governments and civil society organizations to join us to celebrate BSNL Day.

It will be our added privilege to commemorate the Swatchh Bharat Mission on the occasion of BSNL Day as a goodwill gesture.

Staff Grievance Cell

Circle Office writes a reminder letter to all Heads regarding non compliance of reconstitution of Staff Grievance Cell. For Letter Click Here.