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Resolution : AIGETOA CHQ CEC

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Resolution of Central Executives Committee meeting of AIGETOA along with CWC members and Circle Representatives was held on 23rd and 24th Feb-2015 at New Delhi wherein detail discussion on the points mentioned in agenda of the notice was taken place. After having inputs from circles and discussion, this association has passed resolution on various issues. Click here for Resolution of CEC

ALL India JTO Eligibility List

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BSNL Corporate Office has circulated the final All India Eligibility List of JTOs (T). Click here for Circulation & list

All members are requested to go through the eligibility list and represent immediately in case of any discrepancy

DHARNA Withdrawn

Protest notice for indefinite Dharna at BSNL CO from 23rd Feb 2015 is withdrawn.Click here for withdrawal letter

For detailed news visit

Salary Refund

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Circle Office issues orders for refund of salary . We thank CGMT MP Telecom Circle Shri N K Yadav, GM(Admin) Shri Prakash Ballal  for their efforts and kind support in disbursing the order. For Order , Click Here.

Not to be forgotten are the efforts of our Circle Leadership who has persuaded long and persistently to get the order issued. This order will certainly insert a high level of motivation among the executives which in turn will help in increasing the productivity of our beloved organisation. All members should take it in positive gesture and should put their extra effort to show that what a motivation  can do.

AIGETOA MP also instructs all the DS/DP to get the order endorsed and put-up their respective SSA level today itself.

Regularization of unauthorised absence

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Corporate Offices writes letter to CGMT MP Telecom Circle Regarding  instruction for regularization of unauthorised absence. Click here for Order


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LDCE for SDE (T) scheduled to be held on 15 Feb-2015 is deferred till further order due to multiple court verdicts resulting into contradiction and administrative constraints thereto. Ultimately vested interest of some leaders, members and some officers of the BSNL top management have succeeded. Click here for Order


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BSNL HQ has asked from all circles to submit particulars of OC/SC candidates of 2002 batch JTOs for preparing All India Eligibility List for the promotion of JTO to SDE under Seniority Quota. The BSNL HQ has also asked these details for ST candidates of 2006 & 2007 recruitment batch JTOs. The information has to be furnished by 23-2-2015 by all circles.

Click here for letter



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All representatives and members of this association is well aware of the facts that our apex leader i.e. General Secretary of this association has been victimized at various front while fighting for the issues of members. This association has already conducted country wide lunch hour demonstration against this victimization on 20th Jan-2015 which was a grand success.


This association not at all want to held Dharna at BSNL CO New Delhi as proposed from 23rd Feb-15 specially after taking charge of our new CMD. We believe that our new CMD will go through the issues mentioned under notice and act on merit much before the proposed date of Dharna. AIGETOA MP is also continuously pursuing with MP Circle administration for amicable resolution. The delegation from AIGETOA CHQ will also meet personally to our new CMD and Director (HR) in the second week of Feb-15 to explain the issues in detail and seek unbiased action on the issues.


Although this association is quite hopeful that issues will be resolved amicably and there is no question of holding Dharna for such issues, yet we must not take any chance as this is the matter of protection of our leaders fighting for genuine cause keeping their entire thing on risk and also the matter to keep survival of our representation.


Keeping above things in mind, core committee of AIGETOA CHQ has decided to notify the already due meeting of Central Executives Committee, CWC and Circle Representatives on 23rd and 24th Feb-2015 at New Delhi. At the worst, if issues are not resolved amicably, this association will hold Dharna at BSNL CO from 23rd Feb-2015 and if issues are resolved as per our expectation this association will hold meeting on 23rd and 24th Feb-2015 and also participate parliament march of the Forum on 25th Feb-2015. There is joint meeting of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA CHQ and Circle representatives on second half of 25th Feb-2015 just after the parliament march is over.


Boarding and lodging arrangement of CHQ and Circle Representatives are already done at Andhra Association Building 24-25, Lodhi Institutional Area, nearby Sai Baba temple, New Delhi-110003 from morning of 23rd Feb-2015 to night of 25th Feb-2015.


This association request the circle representatives (CS, CP, CFS), CWC and CHQ representative to book their tickets for Delhi so that they can reach by morning of 23rd Feb-2015 and must not book the return ticket before late night of 25th Feb-2015. Circle quota of fund will be handed over in this meeting subjected to production of audit report and latest account statement. Other agenda points may be sent to CHQ on by 7th Feb-2015 so that same can be accommodated in the notice to be issued for meeting.

CS Communique

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Circle Secretary Shri P N Gautam writes to GM(Admin/HR) regarding random salary deduction and clarfification received from Corporate Office New Delhi. Click here for letter, DOPT Circular on unauthorised leave, Court Order Regarding Salary Cut

After this, today he had a telephonic conversation with GM(Admin/HR) regading the letter submitted. It was intimated that he has gone through the presentation and shortly he will be taking decision. Some other issue was also discussed. He had asked for request transfer, if any. All the executives who want transfer are requested to send their request transfer application to circle office through proper channel with a copy to . He also asked for transfer cases of handicapped applicant. He had assured that transfer cases of handicapped applicant will be given priority. 

Regarding training to be provided to SC/ST candidate for LDCE, he has assured that the schedule for the same will be uploaded by today.


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AIGETOA MP submitted the Memorandum in respect of long pending issues to CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Shrivastava during his visit to Bhopal on 28th Jan 2015. Click here for Memorandum submitted


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GS AIGETOA Shri R P Shahu, AGS CHQ/Circle President AIGETOA MP Shri Pavan Akhand, Circle Secretary AIGETOA MP Shri P N Gautam along with other Circle Officer bearers of AIGETOA MP extended profound welcome to our newly appointed CMD Shri Anupam Shrivastava on his first visit as CMD at Bhopal - The City of Lakes on 28th Jan-2015. Our beloved CMD spared ample time for this association and also shared his mission and vision for revival of BSNL. This association was in view to extend only welcome on his first visit as CMD and not to discuss about the issues but our CMD himself had initiated about the issues and told that he is known about all the issues in respect of direct recruits. He also told that now he is having platform where he would like to understand the issues in detail and definitely will be resolved on merit keeping aside all the odds. He also told that communication gap between association/unions in BSNL and top management will come to zero in his tenure so that actual mission and vision of BSNL can be communicated up to bottom line. This association assured and extended full support to every endeavor of our beloved CMD in revival of BSNL. Association has also submitted memorandum to our beloved CMD which he assured to go through and act on merit. Click here for Glimpses of Meeting


Later on, United Forum had arranged felicitation program of our beloved CMD Sh Annupam Shrivastava on his first visit to Bhopal as CMD. Representatives of all associations and unions in BSNL have handed over flowers bouquet and extended warm welcome. Sh Anupam Shrivastava has started his career from Bhopal itself and given his services for long time to BSNL Bhopal in DOT era hence all the staffs and officers of Bhopal were highly enthusiastic while welcoming him and it was the proud moment for all the employees of BSNL Bhopal. CMD told in his address that he remember the demand of mobile SIM of BSNL and how BSNL has got first place in just few year of launching GSM services. Unfortunately, BSNL could not expand GSM service in time as per the demand and now our position has gone down beyond our expectation. Time is never lost and time cycle has once again come to us as an opportunity in the field of data services. Today, demand of data in India has started and we are sitting on the verge of a data revolution and BSNL has a huge potential here on the back of our landline base, fiber network and capability. Data capability will be a game changer in the next few years and we will gain a lot through such measures. We have to utilize this opportunity and there is no doubt that BSNL will regain it’s lost glory. CMD also told that he knows, BSNL employees are getting half salary then they are supposed to get but increase is salary is possible when BSNL earn money. He assured that he will do best at his level and he will shortly come out with full-proof plan for revival of BSNL but success will come only when we all together work honestly for execution and implementation of the plan. All the constituents of the united forum assured and extended unconditional support to our beloved CMD for every endeavor in revival of BSNL. Click here for Glimpses of felicitation program by UF

LHD : A Grand Success

Congratulations one and all for overwhelming response in Lunch Hour Demonstration against the victimization of our General Secretary and displaying our Unity, Solisarity and commitment towards fight for justice.


Massive participation reported from various Circles for the Lunch Hour Demonstration held on 20th January 2015. Huge participation reported from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chennai Telephones, Corporate Office New Delhi, Gujarat, Himchal Pradesh, J&K, Karnataka, Kolkata Telephones District, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odissa, Punjab, Rajasthan and WB Circles. Reports from few circles are awaited. Click here for Glimpses of LHD


AIGETOA since its formation has not only created big hurdle on the way of vested interest and corrupt practice in BSNL but also made to realize the illiteracy in top management in respect of CPSEs working. Some corrupt and egoistic officer in senior management could not digest the stand of AIGETOA as their earning through corrupt practice is badly affected hence misusing their authorities started targeting the top leadership of AIGETOA by making syndicate of such officers in MP Telecom Circle. They have also forgotten that they are not the owner of the company and they are paid employees bounded with rules and regulation of the company. They were in perception that by crushing the top leadership of this association they had been able to stop voice against their corrupt practice. Now overwhelming response of members of this association throughout the country against such victimization will surely create the awe in the mind of vested interest in BSNL and also show our unity, solidarity and commitment towards fight for justice.


Now this association will pursue with our newly appointed CMD and seek independent inquiry against the issues raised in the notice so that such vested interest and corrupt practice in BSNL can be uprooted. This association hopes that our new CMD will decide the matters on merit and will extend full cooperation to leaders fighting against corrupt practice in BSNL. In any case if issues raised in the notice will not be resolved on merit in due time representative must book their tickets for Delhi for Dharna from 23rd Feb onwards.


Make LHD of 20th Jan 2015 a grand success

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All Executives  are requested to hold lunch hour demonstration on 20th Jan 2015 at respective Circle Office/ GMTD Office and make it a grand success. Its time to show our strength and display our unity. It is moral duty of all DRs to stand with our beloved GS Shri R P Shahu who has

* Led us relentlessly since through all issues.

* Has taught us to stand-up and fight against injustice.

* Made us aware of the so many issues having grave impact on our career and pay.

* Given the life of dignity to all DRS.

AIGETOA MP Serves Notice

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In Line with AIGETOA CHQ, CS MP Telecom Circle serves notice to CGMT MP Telecom Circle for protest against victimization of representatives of this association raising legitimate issues and against the authorities making mockery of the corporate culture. Click Here or Letter.


All District Secretaries upto GMTD level must endorse the notice served by CHQ to GMTDs respectively by Monday  (12th January 2015) and start mass campaigning for "Lunch Hour Protest" on 20th Jan 2015 against victimization of apex leader. Click here for notice served by CHQ


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Despite of continues persuasion at all level since long time and several assurance to resolve issues amicably, Circle Administration of Madhya Pradesh Telecom Circle is totally failed and acted vindictively against the General Secretary of this association violating all the rules and guidelines of the company. This association is finally forced to serve protest Notice. Click here for notice


Protest Program :-


20th January 2015: Countrywide lunch hour protest.


23rd Febuary 2015 onwards: Indefinite Dharna by all Circle and CHQ representatives at BSNL CO New Delhi.


Victimization of our General Secretary is nothing but simply to crush the legitimate voice of direct recruits. We must be reactive on such victimization. All branch units are requested to give strong reaction on 20th Jan-2015 by 100% participation in lunch hour protest and Circle and CHQ representatives must book their tickets in advance for Dharna from 23-02-2015.


This association will shortly upload the matter on pay scale, promotion (NO MT) and Pension issue for filling grievance in mass in the grievance portal of PMO. These grievances has to be filled between 12th Jan to 15th Jan-2015 by each and every direct recruits of BSNL so get yourselves ready for above activities.


With extreme grief, we inform you the sad demise of mother-in-law of Shri Manish Soni, SDOP Saket Nagar Bhopal. AIGETOA MP expresses deep and heartfelt condolences to the sorrowing family. May the Lord Almighty take the departed soul to His Heavenly Abode and give the entire family strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss. The funeral will take place on 11:00 am 06/01/15 at Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat Bhopal.


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Convener of Forum has assured to incorporate the 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL recruited employees but revised notice in this regard is yet to be submitted. Convener has also conveyed that as the date of indefinite strike is changed hence revised notice is to be submitted by forum. Forum is going to held full day dharna from 6th to 8th Jan-2015 without submitting the revised notice hence there is possibility to receive call from the authorities for discussion on the issues already submitted in notice. If this happens definitely our superannuation benefit cannot be discussed formally.

This association is pursuing strongly before the forum to serve revised notice including superannuation benefit in the list of demands before launching any further activities as given follow:

"Provision of Industrial pension scheme for BSNL recruited employees since Oct-2000 as per the provision in Sub-rule (23) of Rule-37A of CCS pension Rule-1972 as a part of 30% superannuation benefit recommended by 2nd PRC".

This association can extend moral support to forum activities till then and 100% physical participation will be extended after revised notice. Branch units of AIGETOA are requested to extend moral support for the Dharna of the forum to be held from 6th to 8th Jan-2015. Representatives are also requested to participate along with members during lunch hour in proposed Dharna.

GS writes to the Convener of Forum for extending moral support with physical participation during lunch hour for the proposed dharna of the forum to be held on 6th, 7th and 8th Jan- 2015. Click here for letter

CS Communique

CS MP Telecom Circle Shri P N Gautam writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle regarding wrongful salary deduction and individual action against the representatives of this association on pick and choose basis. For Letter Click Here.