Details of the AIGETOA MP Bank account are as follows:

  State Bank of India
Name of the beneficiary All India Graduate Engineer Telecom Officers Association (AIGETOA)
Account number of the beneficiary 63002834991
Address of the beneficiary Link Road-1, Bhopal
IFSC code of the beneficiary branch SBIN0030382
Payable at: Bhopal, M.P.

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Query has been raised from the branch units of AIGETOA regarding stand of AIGETOA on becoming the part of forum on Subsidiary Tower Company and PLI issue. On the issue of Subsidiary Tower Company AIGETOA CHQ has already clarified its stand in past. On PLI issue it is clarified that as per the provision of 2nd PRC, PLI is part of the parks & Allowance within limit of 50 % of the Basic Pay which comes at third stage after retirement benefits of the employees. Payment of parks and allowance before paying superannuation benefits of direct recruits is against the provision of the DPE recommendations. BSNL has already extended some part of perks & allowances and now paying PLI before extending superannuation benefits in totality will be gross injustice to direct recruits of BSNL. This association has already written letter to CMD in past to stop the perks & allowances being already paid and extend superannuation benefits in totality to direct recruits employees if at all there is any financial constraints.

It will be highly unjustified on the part of forum to demand PLI before implementation of superannuation benefits of direct recruit employees in totality. AIGETOA is not at all supporting this stand of forum either morally or physically to demand PLI before implementation of superannuation benefits in totality. Forum has taken the issue of superannuation benefit then and there but seems that it was just a matter of formality. AIGETOA request forum to recognize the situation of BSNL recruited employees after their retirement who are not covered under government pensionary benefits like absorbed employees but being paid less salary than MTNL in the name of paying pension. Instead of demanding the perks & allowance forum must seriously concentrate on implementation of superannuation benefits of direct recruits in totality which is not to buy the crackers on Dashara and Diwali like PLI but to serve the very basic purpose of social security.

Gandhi Jayanti

AIGETOA MP joins the nation in paying tributes to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri on their birth anniversary today.

BSNL DAY Celebration

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"BSNL Day, which we celebrate on 1st October, is devoted to BSNL". This special day was celebrated at  Circle Office in Particular and in all SSA as a whole.

On the occasion of BSNL Day , grand function was organised at circle office under the chairmanship of CGMT MP Telecom Circle Dr. G C Pandey. We feel proud to write here that some of our members Pankaj Watti, Mahendra Rahangdale and Pragati Kamble has been facilitated in this program for their extra ordinary performance and level of devotion, they have shown towards BSNL.

During this BSNL Week,  I call upon all Member of AIGETOA, BSNL employees, governments and civil society organizations to join us to celebrate BSNL Week. On this special occasion, India's Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) announced the launch of consumer week to delight the customers. As we mobilize the celebration of BSNL Day, we must ensure the quality and continuity of communication, even in the event of tight competition. This is the purpose of AIGETOA's work to protect BSNL, and to bring quality communication to all persons. It is also, for BSNL, the way to lay the foundations of future generation communication.


Let's together strive to preserve the glory of this mighty organization. Be proud to be associated with this mighty organization.

Wish You all a Very Happy BSNL Day

CEC Detailed News

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A meeting of CIRCLE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, AIGETOA, MP Circle was held on 20.09.2015, at the Conference Hall, CTO Building, Bhopal. from 1000 Hrs. to 1830 Hrs., which was chaired by Sh. Pavan Akhand, President AIGETOA MP. Gathering started to take place from 09:00 am which saw 32 executives from all around MP.

Before start of the proceedings, the speaker  requested the House to standup and start the proceedings in our formal way  i.e. chanting of prayer " intni shakti hamen dena data"

CEC started with the welcome address by Shri Sachin Rawalkar DP,  Bhopal. There after welcome of our Chief Guest and other dignitaries started.

Circle Secretary Shri P N Gautam, in his intitial addressed slated the Agenda Points for discussions which were deliberated by him. He intimated the house about the reason for this CEC. He told that this CEC has been scheduled to discuss suggestions received from CHQ and to plan our future path of growth.

After this report from Circle Executives started in which all the burning issues of SSA/Circle were elaborated and discussed.

Sh. Pavan Akhand, President, AIGETOA MP Circle,  in his Presidential address, welcomed the participants and handed over the proceedings of the Circle Executive Committee to the Circle  Secretary and other dignitaries. He stated the importance of resolutions that were to be taken.

Agenda points slated for this CEC Meeting were discussed in details and the resolutions adopted are appended as below:

  •  It was resolved to clear all pending liabilities including S K Pathak of Rs 10000.
  •  It was resolved to open a welfare account at CHQ level of Rs 500 per year per members or give permission to open at circle level at MP.
  •  It was resolved to speed up membership drive upto 30th sept 2015 to increase members in MP circle.
  • It was resolved to abide all decision of CHQ on HR issues.
  • It was resolved for restructuring of all SSA bodies upto 31st Dec 2015 and AGM to be held on last week of Jan 2016.
  •  It was resolved to give one point agenda letter on victimization on 21.09.2015 and meeting on 23rd sept 2015.
  • To close all SSA bank account and submit to circle account.
  • Filling of posts : House unanimously decided to give charge of Vice President(Jabalpur Region) to Shri Kamlesh Patel. In line Shri S K Pathak and Shri Praveen Kureel has been given the charge of ACS Gwalior and Bhopal Region respectively.
  • House also resolved to give charge of Astt. Circle Web Secretary to Shri Deepak, JTO(QoS) Circle Office Bhopal.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair by Shri Anil Khosle DP AIGETOA Bhopal and the House directed the Circle Secretary to record the Minutes of Meeting. In line with this CS Shri P N Gautam writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle regarding filling of vacant posts as per new constitution of society. Click Here for letter

CS Writes to CGMT

CS MP Telecom Circle Shri P N Gautam writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle Dr. G C Pandey for implementation of Corporate Office orders regarding implementation of EPF coverage for pre-induction training period of BSNL recruited employees. Click here for Letter


BSNL Corporate Office issued orders regarding implementation of EPF coverage for pre-induction training period of BSNL recruited employees.Click here for Orders

CEC Meeting

CEC Meeting of AIGETOA MP took place on 20th Sep 2015. It was a great success which saw around 30 representatives from all around MP. There was a brainstorming session from 10am to around 7pm which resulted in coming to many conclusions and resolutions. Details of the meeting and resolutions will be uploaded shortly.

Hindi Week

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This association has earlier physically participated in the protest against subsidiary tower company. After meeting with CMD BSNL and having understanding on the issue it is difficult to say that formation of subsidiary tower company is not in the interest of the employees especially direct recruits. It is needless to state that our all the future and social benefits are on the basis of defined contribution hence independent of ownership of the company but totally depends on the financial health of the company. BSNL is presently running into the loss in tune of Rs 8000 Cr per annum and our pay revision is due on 01-01-2017. The implementation of pay revision benefit will affect our all the benefits including social and future security for next 10 years. It is impossible to gain that much of amount by 01-01-2017 by normal working to neutralize the loss so that all the benefits of 3rd PRC can be implemented.

Along with improving our work on field, BSNL board has to take some out of box policy decision to come out with healthy balance sheet. Formation of subsidiary company may be one of the solutions to come out from the loss on paper which will help BSNL to getting approval from administrative ministry for 3rd PRC benefits.

Although the fear of the forum is genuine that after formation of subsidiary tower company same may be open for joint venture or may be sold to private company but still it is a matter of suspect. It is hard to say that such decision will harm or improve our future benefits but one thing is very much sure if such decision is not taken we are not going to receive the 3rd PRC benefits which will put on loss forever. Considering all the pros and cons association has decided to extend only moral support at this point of time and final decision for participating in future struggle of forum will be taken after getting more clarity on this issue.


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On the occasion of West Zone Review Meeting, CMD and Director (HR) both were available at Bhopal on 14/09/2015. Taking the advantage of their presence, CS AIGETOA MP Sh P N Gautam, CFS AIGETOA MP Sh Devendra Saini along with GS AIGETOA Sh R P Shahu greeted them by handing over flower bouquet.


On behalf of AIGETOA MP, CS Sh P N Gautam submitted some feedbacks received from the members for the betterment of the company. Click here for feedback


AIGETOA MP has also handed over the memorandum on some critical HR issues of the executives and requested for early resolution. Click here for memorandum & Calculation Sheet


CMD and Director (HR) despite their busy schedule spared about half an hour time to discuss with this association. Our feedback was very much appreciated by both the Director (HR) and CMD and each and every point was discussed in detail for implementation also. CMD BSNL mentioned that this is the time to become customer centric rather consumer centric only. He further explained that consumer are those who consumes our services but customer also includes those who are selling and maintaining the services like our employees, vendors, franchises, DSA etc. employees are our internal customers and most valuable asset for the company. Their issues need to be addressed on priority so that they can serve our consumers with their optimum commitment.


On the part of our issues, AIGETOA extended thanks to both CMD and Director (HR) for enhancing the quantum of superannuation benefits to 6% from its earlier proposal of 3% but conveyed that it is still not the fair justice. GS AIGETOA once again explained the issue in detail and its consequences on the retired life of direct recruits. GS AIGETOA after explaining all the justification requested to enhance this limit to full of 12% w.e.f. Oct-2000. AIGETOA understand that contributing past arrear is certainly the problem for present board considering the present financial position which will come in tune of Rs 300 Cr. but principle decision on this issue can be taken and arrear contribution may be done in installments or when company position improves. CMD recognized the issue and appreciated our concern. He mentioned that quantum of superannuation is enhanced not only on justification but also due to proper approach of the association as shown during last few months. He assured to maintain the same approach and he is ready to look into the submission on this issue for enhancing the quantum and date of effect.


CMD and Director (HR) both have appreciated our concern on the DGM recruitment issue but shown their anger on the approach of the association especially about the argument happen with Director (HR) on 10/09/2015. GS once again apologized for the arguments and requested to take it in right earnest as our feedback on resentment of thousands of qualified executives. Director (HR) mentioned that she is very much fair in extending the due benefits and preferential treatment to internal employees but decision to recruit DGM from among external candidates is taken by the previous board. She needs some time to study the issue in detail that under which circumstance and on what ground such recruitment rules is framed which deny the eligibility of more qualified and experienced internal candidates. She also assured that she will be meeting on 16/09/2015 with Forum of AIGETOA+AIBSNLEA on this issue and will take decision on this issue which shall be fair and just. Both CMD and Director (HR) also assured for early resolution of other HR issues raised by the association. Meeting was very much cordial and interactive.


Glimpse of the meeting. Click here for Photos

CEC Schedule

As notified earlier , CEC of AIGETOA MP has been scheduled on 20th Sep 2015. The schedule of the same has been prepared. All the Circle Body Members and DS/DP of adjoining SSA of Bhopal are requested to plan their journey accordingly. Click Here for Schedule.

CEC Meeting

AIGETOA MP notifies the Circle Executives Committee meeting of the association which is scheduled to be held on 20th Sep-2015 at Bhopal. Click Here to read the notice.


General Strike called by Central Trade Unions on 02-09-2015 is completely Trade Union Movement. AIGETOA appreciate their demands and extend solidarity but being executives association by birth this association cannot become part and parcel of any trade union movements.


A meeting of Joint session of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was held on 25th August 2015 at 19.00 hours at Phani Bhusan Vidya Vinod Manch at Kolkata.Click here for details


Shri Anupam Shrivastav addressing the gathering of Joint Open Session of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA at Kolkata on 25th Aug 2015. Click here for details &Click here for Glimpses of Open Session


Glimpses of Open Session addressed by CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Shrivastav



AIGETOA CHQ held its 10th AGM and 37th CEC at Kolkata on 24th August 2015. The details of discussion and resolution passed in AGM/CEC. Click here


Annual Report presented by GS. Click here

Staff Contact Task Force

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A great initiative by CGMT MP Telecom Circle Shri G C Pandey - "DIAL BY HEART AND DOWNLOAD MIND"

A circle level team has been created who will talk to each and every employee of MP Telecom Circle , hear their respective grievances and sort out the grievance. HR is the most important resource oif any organisation which if kep motivated can make a turnaround. This is the concept which has been adopted by CGMT MP Telecom Circle. Click Here for orders of creation of staff Contact Task Force.



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It is learnt that Cabinet has approved the BSNL proposal for formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company, by hiving off the 65000 mobile towers of BSNL. In this regard, BSNL top management has conducted awareness session before representatives of all associations and unions in the month of May-2014. All representatives had supported the idea but opposed the formation of new company. As the tower business is Profitable business and need dedicated team for operation and maintenance hence association had proposed for formation of separate vertical within BSNL instead of forming new company. Formation of new company is nothing but may be hidden agenda of Government to privatize all such profitable area of BSNL one by one.


Convener of Forum of associations and unions writes letter to CMD BSNL on holding demonstration on 12-08-2015 against formation of new subsidiary Tower Company. Click here for letter


Forum Circular to the General Secretaries. Click here for letter


Being a part of the forum, AIGETOA CHQ has decided to participate in demonstration with other constituents of forum on 12-08-2015 and postcard campaigning from 10th to 22nd Aug-2015. Branch representatives are requested to be in touch with other constituents of forum and act accordingly.


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Congratulation one and all,

After very long struggle by this association singularly and after assuming the charge by our new Director (HR) and then tough instruction to concern cell in our last agenda meeting held on 04-08-2015 finally BSNL CO has issued order for making EPF contribution for training period. Click here for order >>>>>>

It shows that consistent struggle for genuine issues never go to vain. We remember the great words from our Director (HR) in our last agenda meeting that justice should not be denied in pretext of financial position of the company. It is instruction from Director (HR) to HR managers that employees are most voluble assets of the company and every issue of the employees must be addressed on merit and bring the resolution accordingly without keeping in mind the financial position of the company. It is responsibility of the company to arrange money for genuine issues. This association is very much hopeful that these words of Director (HR) will open the door of justice and our all the genuine issues will be resolved on merit.