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EPF Committee

Circle Office reconstitutes the committee on EPF. Click Here for letter.

Salary Refund Issue

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MP Telecom Circle administration has issued instruction to all SSA heads to refund salary of  those executives who participated in the agitation on the call of AIGETOA CHQ putting so many conditions like unconditional regret for unauthorised absence,overall performance, conduct, vigilance profile and undertaking of indiscipline. It is well known that MP Telecom circle had not followed the the procedure for "principal of no work no pay" and had sought the guidelines from corporate office. It is also well known that the same corporate office did not deduct salary of executives who participated in agitation meant for their legitimate dues instead it has motivated the executives by issuing the letter and fully recognised the issues of executives through record of discussion. Unfortunately MP circle administration went beyond that and it has not only deducted salary randomly without following the procedures but is also trying to justify their acts.

In light of current letter the members are instructed not to give any such undertaking for refunding the salary. Now association will follow the case exploring all the probable options it has. Click Here for letter issued by MP Circle.

SGO Implementation

MP Telecom Circle administration has issued the list of SGO and the procedure to be followed for SSA to sort out the grievances of individual. This is one of the issues raised before MP Circle management. Now we can hope that remaining of the issues will be solved by administration looking its gravity at the earliest. The members are requested to utilize the provisions of SGO to sort out their grievances. For Letter Click Here.


In reception to the letter given by GS Shri R P Shahu to CMD BSNL regarding increase in wage ceiling under EPS, 1995 from Rs 6500/- to Rs 15000/- w.e.f 1st Sept 2014, BSNL Corporate office issued the EPF & Gazette Notification. Click here EPF Notification and Gazette Notification

Letter to CGM MP

CS MP Telecom Circle Shri P N Gautam writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle Shri N K Yadav regarding long pending and very genuine issues pertaining to direct recruit executives of MP Telecom Circle. For Letter Click Here.

Regional Conference : Indore

On BSNL Day, our GS Shri R P Shahu and CS Shri P N Gautam attended Indore Regional Conference. ACS Shri Nitin Soni, VP Shri Nitin Paul Topno were also present during the meeting. Members of all nearby SSA took part in the meeting.CS in his address emphasized on the unity amongst executives to solve our legitimate dues and called upon the DR Executives to support unconditionally the movement of AIGETOA towards resolution of our issues. GS Shri R P Shahu elaborated detailed explanation asked by members on various doubts and ongoing activities in CHQ. The function was well anchored by Shri Nidhesh Nagar DS Indore.

BSNL DAY Celebration

On the occasion of BSNL Day, MP Circle Management had invited all the unions and associations. All unions and association were present in the meeting and addressed about revival of BSNL. CP Shri Pavan Akhand and CWC Shri S K Pathak attended the meeting on behalf of AIGETOA MP. Shri S K athak in his address emphasised on employee satisfaction. HE pointed out that if employee is satisfied , he can give best to company. Shri Pathak also elaborated on family model management. He explained that as we care for every member and their activities in a family , in the same manner we should care our subordinates and co employees and should be ready to help them in any difficult condition. Further he also emphasized on strengthening and making more responsible front line employees sitting in CSC.


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"BSNL Day, which we celebrate on 1st October, is devoted to BSNL and the people of India.

This message embodies BSNL's founding values: since BSNL began in the minds of women and men, it in the minds of women and men that the communication must be constructed. Communication is the foundation of any lasting peace. It is the driving force behind freedom and tolerance. It stems the tide of ignorance and mutual misunderstanding, the means by which disagreements all too often degenerate into violence. Communication fosters the culture of dialogue that is necessary to resolve conflicts. 
That is why BSNLs campaigns for quality communication for all going further than the basics of reading and writing. Communication must encompass living together and respect for others. 

As we mobilize the celebration of BSNL Day, we must ensure the quality and continuity of communication, even in the event of tight competition. This is the purpose of AIGETOA's work to protect BSNL, and to bring quality communication to all persons. It is also, for BSNL, the way to lay the foundations of future generation communication.

With this hope in mind, I call upon all Member of AIGETOA, BSNL employees, governments and civil society organizations to join us to celebrate BSNL Day.

It will be our added privilege to commemorate the Swatchh Bharat Mission on the occasion of BSNL Day as a goodwill gesture.

Staff Grievance Cell

Circle Office writes a reminder letter to all Heads regarding non compliance of reconstitution of Staff Grievance Cell. For Letter Click Here.

Letter to CGM MP

CS MP Telecom Circle Shri P N Gautam writes to CGMT MP Telecom Circle Shri N K Yadav regarding long pending and very genuine issues pertaining to direct recruit executives of MP Telecom Circle. For Letter Click Here.

Kind Attention : All DS

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Kind Attention :  All District Secretaries and their team pursuance with the SSA Administration for

(i) Status of Implementation of EPF orders like registration of Digital Signature to EPFO by all DDOs and supply of UAN (Universal Account Number) Numbers to all Direct Recruits etc.

(ii) Appointment of Staff Grievance Officers (SGO): All DS must pursue with the SSA head for making compliance to circle office letter for appointment of SGO in their SSA.

(iii) Details of the salary cut along with names of the executives during July and February agitations, status of persuasion, method of deduction, amount deducted etc.

(iv) Formation of Coordination committee of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA : All DS must coordinate with their alliance partner (AIBSNLEA) and ensure early formation of Coordination Committee in their SSA.

(v) Sending of hard copy of membership forms in original with two photographs (one pasted and other stapled) at the address displayed on website.

(vi) Reformation/Restructuring of their district body in case of completion of prescribed period, as after that their body will no longer remain valid.

 Compliance report must be sent to by 30.09.2014 positively


GS AIGETOA writes to GS SNEA (I) in respect of their ongoing agitation and requested to appeal all executives associations of BSNL to further intensify the agitation program. Click here for letter

Authorities were in process to resolution of our very basic issues in respect of pay scale and superannuation benefits but due to the stand alone notice served by SNEA (I) same is lingered. We all must know that when referendum process of executives association is in place it is almost impossible to take decision under pressure of agitation notice by any single association participating in referendum process. Tentative dates for further intensifying the agitation program as declared in the website of SNEA (I) indicates that this agitation is just to stop the resolution of the issues till the referendum. This association hopes that executives association must be keen towards resolution of the issues on merit rather political stunt to attract the favor of Direct Recruits Executives in referendum.

Reports from District

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All DS are instructed to prepare a report on the following mentioned issues:

  • EPF UAN allotment
  • Salary Cut
  • Coordination Committees
  • Online registration of members and their hard copy of forms with photographs
  • Digital Signature in their SSA

The above mentioned report should be sent on by 18th Sep 2014


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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has decided not to merge state-owned telecom companies MTNL and BSNL, a move that could well be termed as the first by the present NDA government to overturn a major decision of the previous UPA government. Sources in the government said that instead of infusing fresh capital or merging them to revive the cash-strapped and loss-making BSNL and MTNL, the Prime Minister has asked the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to consider a proposal for the outright purchase of the optic fibre cable (OFC) network of the former, which is the largest in the country. “Once owned by the DoT, the OFC network could be used for early rollout of the government’s ambitious ‘Digital India’ programme,” they added.


The government’s “Digital India” programme aims to provide broadband connectivity to all 20 lakh village panchayats and also build wifi-enabled “smart cities”. By a very rough estimate, made recently, the government would need an 18-lakh to 20-lakh route km OFC network to take broadband all across the country.

DoT sets July 2015 deadline for BSNL-MTNL merger

Department of Telecom (DoT) has for the first time set a cutoff date 31st July 15 for concluding the much discussed merger of struggling state-run telecom companies, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL). DoT has instructed the human resource managers at the two telecom PSUs to engage with employees and find a solution to their concerns. The Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises had also recommended that MTNL should be brought under BSNL. Department of Telecom sources said that a note for the Cabinet’s consideration will be drafted by April next year. The merger is part of the Telecom Ministry’s plans to revive the two telecom companies..


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Joint Special General Body Meeting of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA held on 2nd Sept 2014 at Hotel Rajhans Regent ISBT Bhopal, MP. Members of both the executive associations of Bhopal and nearby SSA like Vidisha, Hoshangabad, Raisen, Shajapur, Ujjain, Rajgarh etc attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by All India President AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma. Shri Pralahad Rai (GS AIBSNLEA), Shri R P Shahu (GS AIGETOA) & Shri Pavan Akhand (AGS-III AIGETOA & CP AIGETOA MP) were present in the joint meeting from CHQ side of both the executive associations. Shri H M Bajpai (CP AIBSNLEA), Shri P N Gautam (CS AIGETOA MP) and Shri Prawez Khan (CS AIBSNLEA MP) were present from Circle side of both the executive associations. Click here for Glimpses of Joint Meeting


The gathering was addressed by CHQ & Circle leaders of both associations. Apart from sharing detail and status of various pending HR issues all the CHQ Leaders on dias pressed upon the unity and hard work in view of the forthcoming referendum in their address. They appealed that the office bearers of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA at Circle/District Level should immediately form the coordination committees and they should start touring for mobilization, they assured for their best to ensure that jointly AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA should be the apex association in BSNL after referendum. It was emphasized by the CHQ leaders that this joint alliance of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA should not only be the Apex Association in referendum but also winning margin should be such that there is no any scope of second number association. The motto of referendum and being number association will be served in totality only if there is no number-2 association in executive’s cadre. We must not only approach to the paid members of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA but we must also approach to all other executives and appraise about vision and mission of this alliance of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA so that winning margin can be increased.


Meeting was addressed by the following leaders with the vision and mission of this association of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA in referendum, having accented on unity and resolution of issues of Executives in BSNL.


  • CP AIBSLEA MP, Shri H M Bajpai.

  • CS AIGETOA MP, Shri P N Gautam.

  • CS AIBSNLEA MP, Shri Prawez Khan.

  • All India President AIGETOA, Shri Ravishil Verma.

  • GS AIGETOA, Shri R P Shahu.

  • GS AIBSNLEA, Shri Prahlad Rai.


Shri Sachin Rawalkar, DP Circle Office AIGETOA Bhopal extended the vote of thanks.


The function was organized by CS AIBSNLEA MP Shri Prawez Khan and his team.

Staff Grievance Officer

AS per the meeting dated 21st Aug 2014, Admin Section has issued order for reconstitution of Staff Grievance Cell. Circle Office has called for the details of SGO of all SSA. All the DS/DP should ensure that these details are sent at earliest and SGO is fully operational at SSA. The order for implementation of SGO at SSA levels were issued long years ago from Corporate Office but was not implemented. This is the view and thinking of our GS Shri R P Shahu who have always emphasised on implementation of SGO. This is well known that there are many grievance of normal employee which are unheard as they are busy performing their duties and don't get a platform to represent their grievance. Certainly this step will reduce the grievance of each employee and as a result motivation level at field will increase. For letter Click Here.>