BSNL Gratuity Rules for Direct Recruited Executives!

In order to comply with the provisions of the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, BSNL has framed BSNL  Employees Gratuity Rules for its " directly recruited employees" . The Board of Directors of BSNL in its 108 Meeting has approved BSNL Employees Gratuity Rules. BSNL Employees Gratuity Rules are applicable to its " directly recruited employees"  

For letter of Payment of gratuity as per provisions of BSNL Employees' Gratuity Trust Rules, Click Here.

For gratuity rules, Click Here.

For gratuity forms , Click Here.

Ist Ammendment in BSNL Gratuity Rules , Click Here.

For gratuity rules after ammendment , Click Here.

All the direct recruited executives are requested to submit their Gratuity and nomination forms and keep the received copy for future reference.